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  • Information

    Finnflyer GT 42

    Finnflyer GT 42 is a well-reputed racing yacht made for sailors with high demands. It is a versatile model, aimed for active lifestyles.

    The available options for custom features and design offers endless possibilities. Finnflyer GT 42 has the option of twin wheel or single wheel ergonomic cockpit design.

    Participate in regattas during the day and cruise to harbor for the winner's champagne in comfort and style. Your beautiful GT 42 will be the center of attention and appreciation wherever you set sail.

  • Specification

    Finnflyer GT 42

    Standard specifications for GT 42, main dimensions.


    of hull
    12,70 m (41'8")
    Beam 3,72 m (12'2")
    Draft 2,15 m
    2,50 m
    (2,0-2,5 m
    6,80 t 7,20 t

    Sail areas

    Mainsail 58,50 m²
    Jib 106% 47,00 m²
    Spinnaker 140,00 m² ORCi 180,00 m² IRC

    Rig and sails dimensions

    I 16,94 m (55'7")
    J 4,90 m (16'1")
    P 16,68 m (54'9")
    E 5,80 m (19")

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